ePro – Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

ePro is is the result of several years of project and portfolio management and software delivery experience of the designer of the product as well as his experiences as a programmer in the early stages of his career.  ePro is the second generation of a product that has been in use at a major financial institution for over 15 years.

ePro delivers a single solution for all levels of an organization for managing multiple projects and provides transparency of all project activities across the enterprise.  Just as importantly, it provides a complete corporate strategy for implementing best practices for process and the life cycle of projects. Product design and delivery is centered on key Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology, yet delivers a configurable solution that allows organizations to easily customize the product to their process via its administration features.  ePro is also an enabler for organizations following CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) practices.

ePro brings visibility of projects and their progress in a portfolio format so as to keep management and sponsors aware of status allowing them to make sound decisions. Understanding which projects are progressing according to plan and those that are experiencing challenge enables the manager to make the best possible decisions in a timely manner. In addition, decision makers are provided key Cost and Benefit information for making the right choices when approving projects. While providing an incredible amount of visibility to management, ePro also provides project contributors insight into the impacts of the project across the various business and operational areas.

     Key Features

  • Multiple project types; customized work flow.
  • Traditional, Iterative, and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Customized “My Projects” page presentation by User.
  • Automatic project visibility for all Management.
  • Visibility of projects across matrix organizations.
  • Project Planning, Forecasting,  and Approvals.
  • Customize Artifact, Infrastructure, and Delivery Object.
  • Quality, Compliance, Defect Management.
  • Software Development tracking and management.
  • Delivery Management, Resource Planning, and Release Management.
  • Reporting features; Dashboards and Progress & Historical Reporting.


  • Highly configurable solution that empowers organizations to easily customize product flow to meet implemented methodology/process.
  • Consolidated project decisioning, management, and tracking from inception through implementation.
  • Centralize project repository; current and historical project data to improve planning and estimating.
  • Work flow and process automation.
  • Streamline Practices aligned to Project Management Institute (PMI) throughout the project life cycle.
  • Supports Agile Methodology with User Story definition and tracking; Agile Estimating and Forecasting; Release and Sprint Burn-down; etc.
  • Enables and enhances implementing CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) practices enforcing organizational guidelines and practices.