About Us

Bridgility was founded in 2010.  We are a team of highly successful technologist who has a strong track record of building high-performing teams and delivering complex Software Solutions, directing large Software Maintenance and Infrastructure Operations support, for Fortune 500 and Government organizations. We are champions of Agile Methodologies using Agile Scrum/XP and Kanban within frameworks for our solutions delivery model and we are passionate about Bridging Business & Technology; Achieving market Agility.

We are organized into two distinct business units:

  • Building High-Performance teams leveraging Agile, for business team agility and delivering excellence in Solutions (Software & Infrastructure) delivery.
  • Marketing our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) product ePro which is designed to support Agile and Traditional methodologies in work product delivery for business and technical teams.

Bridgility has established itself as a self-certified Total Small Business and an Information Technology (IT) strategy and solutions company, focused on servicing the needs of Commercial and Government customers.  We have a strong reputation for delivering creative solutions, on-time and on-budget, harnessing our resources with Fortune 500 experience and the agility of a small business for delivering personalized service.  Our professionals have demonstrated experience and proven successes delivering best-in-class Software solutions and managing complex Infrastructure Operations.  We leverage our skills and capabilities to enable our customers to align technology with business strategy, deliver sustainable product solutions, optimize performance, minimize costs, and provide unparalleled customer service.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to harness Agile and Lean Methodologies to help our customers bridge the gap between Business and Technology to achieve unparalleled quality and market agility in delivering solutions that provide a high Return On Investment (ROI).

Vision Statement

Bridgility aims to become your first choice for your Agile Transformation and Coaching needs, supporting Strategy, Portfolios, Programs, and Teams to optimize business team value and delivery of Software & Infrastructure Solutions via methodologies focused on Agility within the Enterprise.

We will achieve this vision with a foundation of Integrity, strong Leadership for customer Value, and Quality which delivers high quality Results  Providing quality services, we will become a leader in technology consulting services to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.