Introduction to Enterprise Agility

Introduction to Enterprise Agility – 2 Days

Certification: NA

This is a two-day proprietary Bridgility course in which you will be introduced to Agile Methodologies with a strong focus on Scrum and Kanban. You will also gain an understanding of the various roles in Agility; get “hands-on” experience in building a Product Backlog; build and estimate testable User Stories; learn the various ceremonies of Scrum (and their value); and, most importantly, how to operationalize Scrum within the enterprise.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for the novice and experienced alike. While the course covers fundamentals of agility, we at Bridgility find that most folks benefit from a refresher. The value of this course for novice and experienced Agilists is that it focuses on integrating Agility in the Enterprise – something that is lacking in most Agile training programs.


Topics Covered:

Introduction to Agile Methodologies User Stories and Agile Estimating
Understanding Scrum and Kanban Values and Practices
Building a Product Backlog Operationalizing Agility in the Enterprise