Applying Agile Methods Leads to Successful Deployment

The company needed to modernize core offerings to ensure future stability and scalability of the solutions supporting the application process for fellowships for physicians and internships for aspiring doctors.


  • Endeavored to support legacy products built on old technology that posed a risk to stability and growth.

  • Rapid development and deployment appeared impossible using traditional methodologies in the timeframe desired.


  • Established a strategy leveraging Agile methodologies and implemented Agile practices and cadence.

  • Partnered with business product owners using Kanban for value-based business requirements (User Story) development and prioritization.

  • Applied Scrum as the basis for Agile development and delivery.

  • Deployed software incrementally every two weeks using Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), delivering the solution incrementally to business units for validation.


  • Businesses rapidly adjusted to the incrementally built business solution.

  • Completed in time for the Fall fellowship / internship application season.

  • Finished payment processing merely two months later.

  • Earned recognition as the largest and most successful solution delivery at the company in more than eleven years.